Due to Coronavirus many of us don’t have a choice about going to our offices at present, but after we come through this, you may be offered choices to be more flexible in where you work.  Think very carefully about your decision…

Option 1: 

So you are lucky enough to have your own home office with a proper sized desk, docking station for your laptop, two 24” screens, ergonomic keyboard, wireless mouse and lovely comfy office chair. You are so much more productive as there are fewer interruptions, you have video calls and meetings and what’s more you have a lovely view. Just like being at the office with all the benefits of not having to even go there. 


Option 2:

You don’t have room for a home office but never mind, you’ve found an old table and found that comfy garden chair out of the shed, found a space in the corner of your bedroom or lounge, shame its looking at a wall but never mind.  You have your trusty laptop and mobile phone and can connect to the office, wow some of you may even have a wireless home printer you can use, shame you have to run down the stairs and open the cupboard every time you print something, only to find you didn’t press print, so back up the stairs…..  at least its exercise of sorts.

Its definitely not quite as comfortable as being in the office, and not having two screens is a bit of a pain but there are benefits and I don’t have any interruptions so am mostly productive. However I am starting to miss that irritating guy in Marketing with his silly jokes and banter and you know what, this chair is really not suitable for purpose……

Not so sure about this!

Option 3:

No room for either of the above. But no worries you do have a lovely sofa where you can balance your laptop on the arm and still access your coffee and phone – wonderful.

The printer is also in this room and so is the TV – what a result!!   The novelty is wearing off though, its frustrating not having all the tools that you use to hand, you really are NOT comfortable..

When you got off the sofa just now your back was in agony…..  you have developed another pain in your neck, your eyes are sore from staring at the small screen, you can hardly move the thumb on your right hand from constantly using a mouse pad for weeks……  you haven’t seen anyone for days, beginning to feel pretty lonely and isolated and beginning to realise this isn’t all its cracked up to be.

No thanks!!

Another thing that no-one mentions is that you never switch off, there’s no escape – its not always the best option to work from home.  Think about it very seriously before you accept.

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