IT Tasks to do this Summer

IT Tasks to do this Summer

We’re into August which means staff are counting down until their holidays and offices are becoming increasingly empty and quiet.

This is the perfect time to carry out those IT tasks that you’ve been meaning to implement but don’t want to disrupt your staff and or can’t find the time to do.

Here are some IT tasks to consider implementing over the summer holidays;

Delete files

This does involve your staff members. Deleting unused and unwanted files will clear up file space and help reduce security vulnerabilities.

For those of you using Windows 10, the system has an an excellent storage manager. Instruct your staff to go to the Settings app, click on System, then Storage. In this view, they will be able to identify the folders taking up the most space, then go through them and establish with files they don’t need anymore.

You can incentivise departments by offering a prize for the team who delete the most unwanted files and be sure to thank staff for their help in clearing file space.

Update Software and delete old programs

This task is over to you in the IT department. Outdated software is vulnerable to security vulnerabilities, so software updates are crucial to keep software safe. Whilst updating software check staff computers to see when they last used a piece of software, if it hasn’t been used for more than 3 months remove, they don’t need unnecessary software slowing down their machine and won’t miss something they don’t use. To be on the safe side alert staff that you will be doing a software clean so they can alert you to any software that they do definitely need, but that’s unlikely to be anything they haven’t used for 3 months!

Clean IT equipment

Desktop, Laptops, Tablets and Phones all need a good clean. We don’t mean just an internal clean but an external clean!

Monitors and keyboards get grubby use the opportunity of staff being out to give equipment a good clean no one needs that dirt in the keyboard or those grubby finger prints on the monitor so time to make the computer equipment sparkle.

To clean those keyboards just turn it over and gently bump it a few times. You’ll be amazed and probably slightly disgusted by all off the dirt and crumbs that fall out.

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