Facebook Privacy for your Business

Facebook Privacy for your Business

Quick steps to protect your business on Facebook.

Many of us, if not all of us! Have a Facebook account and are increasingly aware of the risk to our personal data by using the social media platform, that said usage doesn’t seem to be declining, with a reported 2.19 billion active monthly users.
The social media platform also boasts over 1.7 billion Business pages. Facebook Business pages are ideal for connecting with customers who want the latest news, information and offers from your business, but before you get carried away with posting on this huge social network its important to consider a couple of things to ensure your business reputation is protected.

1. Visitor posts

Visitor posts relate to the posts which can be found in the Community section of your page. Visitors to your page can post their own news, photos or offers to your page followers. Sometimes these could be very relevant to your follower base, but other times they could be hurtful to your business brand and of no relevance to your follower base.
We at BackUp Data suggest you set your Facebook page settings to allow you to authorise/approve visitor posts before they go live on your page. You wouldn’t have someone post to your website without checking first so it’s a good rule to apply on your Facebook business page too.

2. Manage page admins

Make sure you keep a check on the people who have access to your Facebook business page. If you have staff members who leave your first job should be to remove their admin rights the same applies for any social media agencies you have work for you, once your contract has finished be sure to revoke their admin rights, you don’t want to put your business data or your customers data at risk!

3. Manage Apps

If you have any apps integrated with your page such as Hootsuite, or Hubspot and you don’t use them anymore DELETE, if the apps aren’t serving a business purpose for you they are just putting your customer data at risk.


We hope you have found these tips useful. BackUp Data are always at your disposable to answer any IT security questions which you may have.
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