3 Strongmen: K7 VS. KASPERSKY VS. AVG

3 Strongmen: K7 VS. KASPERSKY VS. AVG


K7 kaspersky avs antivirus


If you are looking for the best antivirus programs to protect your device from viruses and worms as well as other malicious programs, attacks from hackers, spam ware and spyware, K7, Kaspersky and AVG are some of the top contenders


K7 Antivirus

Those who are on the lookout for the best antivirus software, you can opt for K7, which is a kind of install and forget type of option. It is capable of effectively protecting the system and the files within. In addition, it is also very easy to use and is light on the device as well as the pocket. K7 offers a great protection against malware and is easy to use. The program is perfectly balanced between powerful features and functionality, offering total security in all respects and offering the best protection. It does not need much maintenance and is very popular with more than 10 million PC users option for the Antivirus.

K7 is compatible with PCs running on Windows 10 and offers instant protection against spyware. It also offers advanced and effective heuristic protection. It is available in several versions, namely, the K7 Ultimate Security Gold; Total Security; Premium Security and the Secure Web versions.

The installation is quick and it also comes with vulnerability scan. There are many bonus features.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky is a very good antivirus solution offered in various versions. Internet Security 2013; Antivirus 2013; Security for Mac; Mobile Security and Tablet Security. It is a Russian company that was created in 1997 and is known for finding viruses first. The interface is very user friendly and comes with intuitive controls. There are specific packages for homes and for smaller offices, which offer good protection in a hassle free interface.

Kaspersky also offers an antispyware component that is light on your computer. All the features are easily configurable and the interface is easy to use as well as intuitive. The anti-phishing features are excellent. It has quick and simple settings and is easy to install. The virtual keyboard is used for entering secure data. It is very useful for system cleanup procedures and for optimization tools.

Kaspersky is impressive and capable and also affordable. The virtual keyboard is a very impressive and useful feature, where you can enter passwords without making use of a physical keyboard. It is also much better looking than many other antivirus programs and protects your data from being captured by spyware by means of scraping the screens.


AVG Antivirus

AVG is a very popular antivirus program that has been available for several years. The software has a free version, which is the most popular file in the Internet for Security purposes. It has a clean interface, which is also very intuitive as well as functional. The AVG antivirus user interface is very attractive. It also comes with an online Shield functionality, which is capable of blocking sites, that host malware. The encryption is easy and it has Data Safe features. The additional web tune up feature increases online safety while browsing. It is capable of tuning up your desktop performance.

AVG Antispyware along with Antirootkit is also integrated in the scanner. AVG has recently revamped its system and has changed the way it makes use of the PC hardware. This has made the software capable of making improved use of the several cores found in computers today. Scanning has been speeded up and slowdowns have been reduced as a result.

AVG offers its free antivirus for home use, but businesses have to pay a fixed amount. Only paid users get the Data Safe feature and the Online Shield component, as these are not available in the free version.


K7 kaspersky avs antivirus

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