3 benefits of HTTPS over HTTP

3 benefits of HTTPS over HTTP

Firstly let us clarify what HTTP and HTTPS is! HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is an application protocol for distribution, collaborative and hypermedia information systems. It is the foundation of data communication for the world wide web.

HTTPS is an extension of HTTP, the s (SSL) refers to the Secure Lockets Layers which is designed to ensure end-to-end security between a browser and a website. Historically used for websites taking customer transactions the inclusion of an SSL certificate on websites is growing in popularity.

Here are 3 benefits of adding a HTTPS proxy to your domain;

  1. Protection

SSL ensures website users information, such as their login details and payment information remain secure from hackers. Ensuring your customer base can use your website without the threat of online vulnerabilities.


  1. SEO

Domains with HTTPS in front of www are given an advantage in the Google search engine rankings. This was first announced back in 2015 by Google’s Gary Illyes with the Google Webmaster Trends Analyst stating that HTTPS will become the tiebreaker in search rank listings between otherwise equal sites.


  1. Browser compatibility

Effect from September 2017, Google Chrome started to mark non secure web pages which contain password and credit card input fields as Not Secure in the URL bar, altering users to the fact their details may be at risk by using the website.

Non Secure URL example –

Not secure http

Google Chrome is highly regarded as the number 1 web browser, meaning your customers are more than likely accessing your website through a browser which will highlight your security weaknesses if you don’t apply the https proxy.

There are lots of how to guides out there on updating your site to use HTTPS but to save you the time and hassle BackUp Data are on hand to help take care of install requirements.

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