IT Tasks to do this Summer

IT Tasks to do this Summer

We’re into August which means staff are counting down until their holidays and offices are becoming increasingly empty and quiet. This is the perfect time to carry out those IT tasks that you’ve been meaning to implement but don’t want to disrupt your staff and or can’t find the time to do. Here are some … read the full article.

Buy Windows 10 Pro not Windows 10 Home

For the majority of users the differences between Windows 10 Home and Pro will be unimportant.     As both systems provide pretty much everything you need for everyday computing. Windows 10 Home edition will be enough for the vast majority of you who just want to browse the web, do a little work, and … read the full article.

Windows 10; Backup before… restore later… or simply backup before you f*** up.

Ordinary Friday, very slow day, no support calls well maybe some. About noon I was so bored that I decided to install Windows 10, especially that my colleague downloaded ISO (Installation CD) file. Without too long hesitation I decided to upgrade my main laptop to Windows 10.  I should say that my laptop is quite fast … read the full article.