The biggest threat to your data security is already in your business!

The biggest threat to your data security is already in your business!

It’s standing in the kitchen right now, making a coffee. Cyber criminals will try all sorts of ways to hack into your system, but they can only succeed if someone lets them in. 75% of data loss is caused by user error, so to avoid becoming another statistic it’s essential that everyone in your team … read the full article.

GDPR six months on: The urgency to take action has gone… but the law hasn’t…

Back in May, we all heard a LOT about the new GDPR regulations coming into force. And since then a lot of business owners and managers round here have adopted the ostrich principle… you know, stick your head in the sand and hope it all goes away!  That’s normal. It’s driven by a genuine lack … read the full article.

Windows 10; Backup before… restore later… or simply backup before you f*** up.

Ordinary Friday, very slow day, no support calls well maybe some. About noon I was so bored that I decided to install Windows 10, especially that my colleague downloaded ISO (Installation CD) file. Without too long hesitation I decided to upgrade my main laptop to Windows 10.  I should say that my laptop is quite fast … read the full article.


We specialise in IT support, Systems administration, backups, networking and internet services. “A German shepherd Dog is a symbol of protection, loyalty and intelligence – exactly what Backup Data strives for.”   General IT support: • Regular reviews of computers, servers, network status. • Updates, configuration, and maintenance of the operating system and the software … read the full article.