For the highest levels of availability, most disaster recovery and business continuity plans include the process of server replication.

Remove risk from disturbed enterprise environments

Its implementation provides you a continuous real-time cross-platform data replication and synchronization over the Internet or dedicated point-to-point link. Server replication allows business to comply with increasingly rigid industry regulations, remove risk from their disturbed enterprise environments, and leverage existing investments of acquired assets. The main benefit of server replication is its independence from any software or hardware tool.

We help you in implementing such replication servers and synchronise data across the enterprise to meet a host of competing challenges.

We provide replication services on our safe and encrypted networks. Our experts and engineers can help you design and configure such data mirroring services to meet all database platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 from IBM or MySQL.

Off-Site replication benefits

  • High availability at the time of disaster recovery
  • Real-time availability reporting
  • Heterogeneous data duplication
  • Data consolidation and synchronization


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