Data Backup

When was the last time you lost data?

How effective is a company where the list of customers is lost because of malicious activity by a former employee or Internet hacker?

Can a company survive if its financial system lies in ruins because a hardware failure rendered it useless?

As a system administrator

Your responsibility is to protect corporate computing assets. Since data is becoming one of the most valuable assets a company has, implementing a reliable backup system is essential.

As a business owner

You must take interest in the processes used to protect your assets. According to common opinion, taking no appropriate steps to preserve data is the greatest mistake. Some people still follow the old paradigm of "it will never happen to me", yet the truth is that data loss can happen to anyone at any time.

Backups are one of the most critical, and most often neglected tasks in proper data management.

Both home users and administrators often lack the attitudes towards backups until the day comes when they lose data, especially important business-related data. With the refinements in hardware and software technologies, our backups are easy and relatively inexpensive for small offices and home users.

You can spend hours reading about Backup Solutions. Or you can simply ask experts for FREE!

Do you understand the difference between an incremental and differential backup?

Do you need to understand it?

Do you even want to know what is it all about?

In many ways, a backup strategy should be the heart of any design of critical systems. Handled properly, it represents the last line of defence against just about any catastrophe. Even if your building or your entire city is wiped out, your business can be restored on other computers from properly generated and protected backups… but there are many "if" conditions that must be satisfied for everything to work out properly and data to be recoverable.

Which approach is right for your needs?

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Which files need to be backed up?

Incremental backup or full backup? When to perform a backup? How to restore? How to backup, which media (tape, disk, etc), commands/programs (tar, cpio, dump, restore, mt, mc, Fbackup) etc. Picking the Right Path is a complex process, and this the area where we help.

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