This is going to affect 1 in 3 businesses. That could include yours

This is going to affect 1 in 3 businesses. That could include yours In 2020, some of the most commonly used business software is coming to the end of its life. That means it will no longer be supported by Microsoft. So if there are any problems with it, they won’t be fixed. It’s likely … read the full article.

IT Tasks to do this Summer

We’re into August which means staff are counting down until their holidays and offices are becoming increasingly empty and quiet. This is the perfect time to carry out those IT tasks that you’ve been meaning to implement but don’t want to disrupt your staff and or can’t find the time to do. Here are some … read the full article.

3 benefits of HTTPS over HTTP

Firstly let us clarify what HTTP and HTTPS is! HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is an application protocol for distribution, collaborative and hypermedia information systems. It is the foundation of data communication for the world wide web. HTTPS is an extension of HTTP, the s (SSL) refers to the Secure Lockets Layers which … read the full article.

Five Clever Ways to make your team extra productive with Office 365

Click here to download: July+2018+-+Guide+high+res

Facebook Privacy for your Business

Quick steps to protect your business on Facebook. Many of us, if not all of us! Have a Facebook account and are increasingly aware of the risk to our personal data by using the social media platform, that said usage doesn’t seem to be declining, with a reported 2.19 billion active monthly users. The social … read the full article.

Bring Your Own Device – Best Practices for Businesses.

Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to the use of employee owned devices to access work networks, or carry out work activities, such as social media posting. One big vulnerability to customer data which companies don’t always think about is employees use of their own devices for work. Don’t get us wrong BYOD is great … read the full article.

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice: Backup Data Ltd. understands its obligations in regards to your fundamental right to a private life and has implemented systems and controls to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected. Backup Data Ltd. undertakes to meet its obligations under the Data Protection Act, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and the EU General … read the full article.

Backup Data Ltd is a sponsor of Polish Heritage Day in Cambridge.

Come and join us on 13 May for Polish Heritage Day in Cambridge at The Guildhall. FREE ENTRY! BRING YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY & ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DISCOVER MORE ABOUT POLAND.

How to avoid corporate swindlers in Cambridge.

BackUp Data’s guide to saving money in expensive cities.       From property prices to car park charges, Cambridge is among one of the most expensive cities in the UK. We all know that. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great joy and massive opportunity to live and work in such a prosperous … read the full article.

Buy Windows 10 Pro not Windows 10 Home

For the majority of users the differences between Windows 10 Home and Pro will be unimportant.     As both systems provide pretty much everything you need for everyday computing. Windows 10 Home edition will be enough for the vast majority of you who just want to browse the web, do a little work, and … read the full article.

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