About Us

We are IT support company based in Cambridge.

If we are going to provide you with IT support, we think you should know a little bit about us…

Alex Zolczynski, well actually Przemyslaw Aleksander Zolczynski but let’s face it, it doesn’t really roll off the tongue. These days even I struggle with my first name!

I really like to help others.  I feel great when I can assist in some way. Either by simplifying something, or saving someone money, or just aiding in everyday activities like trimming our neighbourhood’s hedge.

My IT support career began in 1990

When I started working in my home town’s local newspaper as a DTP technician (Desk Top Publishing) to create newspapers using computer software by arranging pictures and texts in a specific layout. It was just a part time job during school, but it was a great beginning as I realised how many creative things can be done using computers. But the real start for me was two years later when I began to work for a Gas Company in the HQ of my country . There I learned about databases, a thing that changed my life. There I had my first big lesson in data protection: I neglected backup procedures and the company lost two days of invoicing. To recreate them, it took 3 weeks of additional work for 20 people. I regret it to this day. The lesson was: whatever you have to do or change, check if you have a good fresh back up copy. This principle is my main objective to this day!

In 1998 I moved on to a bank, where I rediscovered SQL databases Like Progress – I loved it. Then in 2000 I had a one year contract in ITM Eindhoven Holland, and 3 months after the contract finished I began to work for Deutsche Bank. Once again I was a servers and database administrator for western Poland. Since then I have managed a big project for telecommunication and IT in three joined hospitals.

In 2005 I came to the UK.

and started working for Music and Goods Ltd in London, then Betgenus, and Artimi in Cambridge. In 2008 I went to Cambridge for an interview, which I incidentally failed, but I made a family trip of it and of course we all fell in love with the beautiful city. Since 2011, together with

Backup Data Ltd

I help other computer users around country by consulting, advising, and fixing. And now here I am, many years later, with my fantastic team, ready to help you.

"The greatest satisfaction one could ever get in life can only be found in the service of others."

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