Off-site backup for business
Did you know that every disk fails at some point? You can send the failed disk away to recovery specialists, who are able to retrieve a large proportion of the data by disassembling the drive in a sterile environment. The process is however costly and time consuming – in this case the data can came back after some time, but retrievals of this nature can cost anything between £1000 and £5000 pounds!

With the reduced costs but higher broadband speed, businesses will simply choose on-line (off-site) backup for its conveniences and data safety. At the same time, as broadband will be idled most of the time during the night, online backup allows businesses to fully utilize the internet bandwidth during inactive period, and thus can achieve better return on their internet expenses.

Off-site backup services for UK businesses and home users.
Backup Data have combined the world’s most trusted online backup solutions with a commitment to outstanding customer service. Saving you time, money and worry – we are the backup company.

  • On-line backup for Servers
  • On-line backup Solutions for small or large Business Networks
  • On-line backup for PCs
  • On-line backup for Macs

With our client software you can back up: Microsoft Office Files: Excel, Word, etc. Financial Software information: Sage Files, QuickBooks, Design Files: CAD & Pictures and other data files. We can backup Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Running on: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and many other platforms.

Why Off-site Backup saves you time and money:

No hardware to purchase
Just the drives can cost more than many years of our offsite data backup service.

No backup media to buy
You need a minimum of 5 backup tapes or disks for a Monday-Friday rotation, preferably 9 to accommodate a week 1-4 off-site rotation. Tapes cost £20-80 each, so you would spend more in backup media alone... more than automated off-site backup solution.

No I.T. time to install & set up
Whether you employ in-house or outsourced IT person, it will cost you money to install your backup drives... correctly! We'll walk end-users through setup and show them how to use our advanced features.

No administration
You need to rotate your tapes, a manual process that takes at least few minutes a day.

No need to take your tapes off-site or pay for off-site storage
You can stop paying extra for safety deposit or secure off-site storage, or storing them insecurely.

Minimize system downtime
How much do you lose for each hour you cannot conduct business? Hundreds? More?

Save on insurance costs
Insurance companies know the value of automatic, off-site data backups. Insurance applications include a section asking whether you back up your data, and to describe your method.
For what you spend on off-site backup, you will probably save at least that much on your insurance premiums.

Don not suffer a data loss.
Off-site/Online Backup is the most reliable data backup and recovery solution. Data loss happens. Consider the consequences:

  • If you lost it all, how much would it cost you?
  • How much would it cost you to recover or recreate all your data?
  • How much would it cost you if you could not recreate it?
  • Could you recover?
  • Would it cost more than off-site backup?

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